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*Note: As a product of nature with wonderful variations in grain and color, your floor may look different than the photos seen here. For color accuracy, please contact your retailer or distributor for color samples.


Stoehr Hardwood Maple, 1st Grade
Random Length Unfinished Flooring

Northern hard maple has a tight, closed grain structure providing a very durable surface that uniformly accepts a variety of different finishes. Hard maple varies in color from a very white sapwood, to a light amber and dark brown heartwood which often occur in combination with numerous dark colored mineral streaks and sound, tight knots. 1st grade maple is the highest grade available in the Maple species, creating a floor with natural color variations and fewer character marks to provide a clean, uniform appearance.

Stoehr Flooring products are proud to be 100% made in the U.S.A. From the lumber we purchase in the U.S., to our manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin and Michigan, consumers can be assured Stoehr Flooring produces the highest quality American made flooring, by Americans, with American value.

Product Details

Available Widths2 1/4", 3 1/4", *4"
4" subject to availability
Edge OptionsSquare Edge
WarrantyResidential Warranty
Commercial Warranty